Individual Sensual Original Design was the brainchild of Designer, Artist and 3D computer software specialist, Laura Frances. Pooling the complementary talents of a diverse range of experts in their field; ISO Design endeavours to make the innovation of 3D technology available to everyone.

Latterly the expensive reserve of vast corporations, 3D design gathered momentum in the engineering and motor vehicle industries. Rapid prototyping from 3D solid models revolutionised product development, effectively decreasing time and material wastage and increasing productivity. The art of 3D animation dominates the film and television industry and has spawned an entirely new genre of entertainment; virtual reality gaming.

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The phenomenon of 3D application has only just hatched. We’ve all seen the movies and know that science fiction is only fiction until someone makes it a reality. We have come to expect and merely await the arrival of it in our living rooms; holographic projection is only a whisper away.

As consumers we interact with the technology on a daily basis, in one form or another, often unaware of the subliminal impact it has upon our purchasing decisions.

ISO Design offers businesses and individuals an affordable opportunity to manipulate the sensation of 3D technology to work for them.

Welcome to your future.

ISO Collection Events and Entertainment Architectural Visualisation and Animation